Wishbone Luck

I’ve always wanted to be a superhero.  But I thought I needed a talisman. Superheroes always have something.

For me, the Socks carried the initial magic and were the inspiration for the Sock Series.  But I think Lucy had it right all along.

“Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it
and I’m afraid of people who do
  — Lucille Ball

Still luck has its place. Here’s a true story about luck of sorts, about two friends and a wishbone.

Our big adventure and many unknowns stretched out before us, and the wishbone lay between us.  We both reached for it and paused.

“But one of us will lose,” she said.

She was right. With one pull and one snap, luck would be found and luck would be lost. That’s how it works.

Neither of us wanted the other to lose.  So we left the wishbone whole and made our own luck.

That’s what happened with the wishbone the day before we did White Rim in a Day — the hardest thing that either of us had ever done on a bike.  We survived that adventure and I took the wishbone home for both of us.

Over the next few races I collected wishbones before each race, except for two — and oddly I failed to finish those two races.

In the end I had five wishbones.  I bleached them and laid them in the sun to dry with intent to leaf them in gold and preserve the luck forever.

But when I returned the bones were gone.  The dog ate them all.

But worry not, if you look closely the luck is still there.  What Lucy really said is, “we make our own.”

It’s time.

We seek supernatural perfection
but settle for lady luck.

A wishbone —
and with a pull and a snap
luck is won, and luck is lost.

So we leave it whole
and make our own.

The luck is within.