More than a pair of Socks

RME – Battle of the Bear:  It was the third race in the series, a redo from the original day that got rained out.  We originally started in a downpour, then they called the race off.  The redo was hot, dry, with ominous clouds threatening over the mountains. I shot to the front and had a […]

Sock Series: Cats & Whiskey

The cats roared and the whiskey flowed. Actually the whiskey gushed and then ran out. I’m sitting here thinking about last weekend’s races, cycling, and sponsorship. All of this in a random and rushed order, just on the edge of my conscious, while I’m working on something else. It’s more of a distraction.  My thoughts, […]

Sock Series: the week off

I did something last week I haven’t done in a while.  I took the week off.  No cycling. No running. However, concerned that I might have a nervous break-down from going cold turkey, I did sport some tall-girl socks a few times over the weekend.  Just a couple of pairs from last year’s collection that […]