Stolen Art

One of the most recognizable paintings in the world goes to auction.  “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. And this made me remember my own version done while in the employ, and for, a downtown Denver hotel, almost 4 years ago. The hotel package it supported was called “Stolen Art.”  My own whimsical take on hotel art that […]

Sock Series: the week off

I did something last week I haven’t done in a while.  I took the week off.  No cycling. No running. However, concerned that I might have a nervous break-down from going cold turkey, I did sport some tall-girl socks a few times over the weekend.  Just a couple of pairs from last year’s collection that […]

Not just a race.

Some of you who know me, and maybe others who have read “A Bus(Wo)man’s Holiday” or the Sock Series, know that with the word “Race,” the stomach troubles begin. So why bother? But first, a little on “Race Performance Anxiety.” Think of this as the Big Momma version of “Stage Fright.” It comes with a gamut of physical […]