Sock Series: Holeshot

I sent this image taken by Jim Heuck — Six Degrees to Slush, to Tall Southern Guy and he replied, “You’re like that little bunny they send out in front of the hounds.”

Yes, I’ve mastered the holeshot — and then I get slaughtered.  I definitely need to work on my finishing skills.

But while this past weekend’s race Boulder CX Series #3 at Interlocken was not my most successful in the race arena, the Socks were a smash hit.

From the moment I put them on:

“Nice Socks.”

“Thanks!” I replied.

“Those are great socks!” said another spectator.

I waved and smiled.

But, I think I let it go to my head a bit. I may have overstepped my bounds a couple of times.  Ok, maybe it was three.  Three times. But one was ok. The second, not too bad.  The third…well the third I think I need to set the record straight.

My first slightly over the top confidence remark was to suggest to Masters rider and Cyclocross Magazine contributor Lee Waldman that I thought he possibly  might go faster if he had some snazzy socks. Now since the beginning of the season I’d reached out to Lee a couple of times to ask advice about equipment, and I had also raced successfully in his Back to Basics CX series.  So, I wasn’t a complete stranger.

Lee smiled indulgently and said something like, “Where can I get a pair?”  Or maybe he said, “Do they have them for men?”  And later, down at the start, his wife wrote down the web address where I purchase some of the Sock Series collection.  So, I think I was ok here.

The second remark was maybe just mildy over the top, and hopefully this incredibly nice racer didn’t give it a second  thought.  But I ran into FasCat Coach and racer Allison Powers and we said hello.  I’m sure she actually doesn’t know my name.  But, I was on a roll.  And again, my memory is a little fuzzy because I was blinded by my passion for this pair of socks, but I might have said “Your kit could use a little color.  Maybe you’d like some socks like mine?”  She should have been thinking “Who the heck are you?”  But she smiled and said something polite.

But the third time  was a doozie.  I am mortified thinking about it now.  And when I told The Tall Southern Guy he was like “Oh no you didn’t?!”

But yep I did.  It burst out of my mouth.  No stop sign.  No yield.  And now I have to set the record straight, because I think there might have been some confusion.

A guy, that I’m pretty certain I later remember racing in the Men’s Open, passed me going the other direction, and I saw him kind of slant his eyes toward my socks. I smiled and confidently said, “You know you want some.”  And I kept walking…

And then, comprehension dawned on me with a slight delay.  A delay like you get on an International phone call.  I said it, and then I heard it  a few seconds later.  I turned around and yelled after him, “I MEANT THE SOCKS. YOU WANT A PAIR LIKE THESE!”

Nothing like reliving the horror of an unintended double entendre.  So, for the record I meant to say “You know you want a pair.”

Anyway, despite the mortification, which I deserved, it was a good day even though I didn’t race the best.  I ran the hill like a bull and fans were yelling “Socks! UP! Up! UP!” I just need to remember not to let up on the gas all the way to the end.  There’s always next weekend.

So my apologies to all for being a little silly.  It’s all in the name of sport and fun and a belief in the Power of the Socks.




a little more:

There were at least 6 women racing who were wearing fun tall socks.  We’ve got something going here.  Pretty soon Portland and the East coast will be looking to Colorado for CX fashion trends.

Allison Powers races for Cross Propz.  Her kit is black and white.  She finished her race on the podium in second place.

I buy quite a few socks here.

I don’t know who the third remark was to, and I sure hope he doesn’t remember the 5 foot gal wearing neon harlequin over-the-knee socks.

Check back for a gallery of other racers in tall socks. Or visit Mountain Moon Photography for cyclocross photos.