Sock Series #3

“Their race will be just as hard as mine,” I muttered to myself.

The Tall Southern Guy yells up the stairs, “What did you say?”

I don’t answer, but keep talking to myself as I gather my stuff: Cycling shorts, jersey, gloves, arm warmers (just in case), plus stuff to change into after the race — I bring shorts, t-shirt, and a sun-hat. My sometimes silent, sometimes not, monologue will continue right up to the end of the race.  Another one of my tactics to get me through the task. Sometimes I pretend to be other riders…but more on that later.

But what I’m really asking myself is why in the hell did I think wearing a crazy pair of socks was a good idea? I wanted to back down.

Tall Southern Guy is now upstairs. “Just don’t wear them,” he says.

He doesn’t understand that I have to now.  I put it in the blahg. Nothing like a self-fulfilled prophecy to start the weekend.

When I get to the race my socks are the least of my worries. It’s cold! Well, colder than it had been by about 30 degrees.  Remember the shorts and sun-hat? Great! What I really need is a blanket and a thermos of hot coffee. Another Denver weather miscalculation, well, at least I have my arm warmers.

Oh, and it’s muddy, and blowing so hard Tall Southern Guy’s team tent blew over.  So a fairly realistic cyclocross day seems to be in store, complete with beer and waffles too.

Tall Southern Guy suggests that if I start riding I might warm-up a bit. I give him the Evil Eye but start my warm up…without the socks.  I thought I’d get a couple in under the radar.  Plus, I didn’t want to get them dirty.

Other Socks

First warm-up lap: It’s muddy but not too bad, except for the huge run-up.  “Well,” I say to myself, “It is what it is.” A team-mate yells hello. I turn and… what the heck?!

“Nice socks,” I say. What I’m really thinking is, “Geez isn’t it enough that you’re fast and can beat the pants (errrr socks) off me, do you have to wear special socks too?” I don’t say any of this though, because she’s nice and I like her. But still…I wear the socks!

I go back to the car and pull out the striped socks. No time like the present.

Second warm-up lap: I start another warm-up lap and someone yells, “Nice socks!” I look over to see if they’re being snide. Nope, it’s genuine enough.

Then another, and another, then a “Sweet Socks!” from a rider in a Giant kit.  My confidence builds. I’m definitely conspicuous, which is a little uncomfortable, but the socks are working their magic. Even the Ref likes them; funny, he’s barely even said hello before.

The Race: Boulder Cross #2 at Interlocken. Women’s Open starts. There are 32 of us.

I race.

At various points on the course people cheer, “Go Socks!”

I finish.

I had a great time.

The other socks rider had a fantastic finish. Another teammate finishes 5th. It looks like we all had a good day. Complete results here.

Here’s a few more pics until next weekend and Sock Series #4.

Now, what am I going to wear next weekend?

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