Pretty in Pink

Looking through the window.

Hello?….Hello?… Is there anybody still there?

Wow! That was some kind of time warp. I mean the last thing I remember was JK in a Pocahontas outfit. Best practices for blogging do not recommend that you disappear for almost 3 months. But, well, I needed to regroup and refresh, and get ready for the new year. And now it’s 2011 and what a fantastic year it’s going to be.

CB kreativ is proud to support and be a member of Denver’s newest women’s Cycling Team, TriBella ACA and their sister team TriBella Multisport. Stay tuned for details about the shop’s Grand Opening!

If you’ve been reading all along, it’s no secret that I seriously support women in sport and competition. If you are just joining the party go back and read the Sock Series. So, when presented with the opportunity to be on a new women’s team I was….not the first one to the line. I know, strange right? But it just kept popping up. And then, I said yes. And they said, “Can you help with kit design?”

“What are the shop’s brand colors,” I asked? And then I held my breath, and said to myself, “Puhleeeease don’t let it be pink.”

I feel really strongly about pink. Pink is for Breast Cancer and Komen Race for the Cure, which I definitely support. But, I do not support the purposeful branding and marketing of sporting goods for women where “pink it and shrink it” are de facto. It makes me mad. The get on my soapbox kind of mad. This is usually where Tall Southern Guy looks for a place to hide.

Indeed, the shop’s logo and colors were pink and black. But then they said “We want something different. Something that will pop.”   I smiled and thought, not a problem.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, “kits” refer to the shorts and jersey, and can sometimes mean all the other things like, arm-warmers, vests, jackets etc. But everybody in competitive cycling knows that how the kits look can be…. contentious. And also that your fellow riders can have some strong opinions about how they look. That’s putting it mildly. I reminded myself of this, braced myself, and went to work. And now you know why I disappeared for three months. I was submerged under cycling kit templates, and revisions, and lots of opinions.

But I can safely say that this year will be more than mere socks. And certainly more than just Pretty in Pink. And in further support of the kit design, not that we need it, one sponsor was finally persuaded to support us based solely on the look of the kit. Who says books aren’t judged by their cover?

Here’s a sneak peak at our 2011 kits. And barring their being held-up at the border by the Canadian Mounties, the kits should be here mid-March. View the slideshow to get the nitty-gritty. [nggallery id=3]

So, we are still fine tuning the racing schedule, and I’m desperately seeking a sock vendor that will make some plaid tall-boys girls for me to race in, but check back soon to meet the team and see what we’ll be doing this year.

Many thanks in advance to sponsors Tri-Bella Multisport,,, Partners in Women’s Health, Flex Power , Kinyesys Sunscreen and Axio Commercial Real Estate. We know it’s going to be a great year for all of us.