Hello Denver!

To blahg, or to blog?  This was the question that we’ve been pondering at CB kreativ.

After a small review of what’s out there it seems many creative related professionals like the word “blahg.”  It doesn’t take itself to seriously, opposed to “blog,” which probably wears a sport-coat. (Although we have nothing against suits in general.)

Anyway, after a quick vote from the office, we decided on “blahg.”  That was the easy part. Now, what were we going to blahg about?

So, as of today, September 30, 2010, we decided we will blahg about what we are doing, what we’re looking at, and what inspires us.

And occasionally you will hear from Maggie and the office-mates, but more on that later….

So for now, a bi-weekly CB kreativ blahg will appear on Thursdays.  So check back Thursday October 15th, to see what’s going on. In the meantime, follow us on twitter for short daily updates. And for chewing gum type of stimulation there’s Flickr, for our snapshot non-serious works, that are just for fun.

Oh, and on Flickr, we’d love to be totally transparent but the office-mates pointed out that not everyone wants to share their wine tastings & weddings. So, some stuff is for everyone, and some stuff you’ll have to be on the approved Friends and/or Family list. Deal?

Whew! We’re worn out. We’ll see you next week.