Finishing the Sock Series: 2011

Test. Test. Test…. Anybody out there?

Maintaining a blog might almost be as hard as finishing a whole season of Cyclocross.  At least I was able to finish the Cross season. But only just.  When I last wrote the season had two weeks to go and I was wondering where my Grrr had gone and questioning the Magic of the Socks

Truthfully, the combination of exhaustion and the humiliation from the last two races of the season, gave me a 2 month bout of amnesia.  My mind drew a blank as I sat down to write this.  I almost had no memory of how it ended. Almost.  But Mountain Moon Photography brought it back in a vivid rush. This is how I remember it.

December 10, 2011: Lyons –  I almost didn’t even start this race.  Partly because of the recent trips over the handlebars, and because I really was tired, but mostly because the course had me scared. I was petrified. I wanted to cry. It didn’t have a run-up like any other course I’d been on. It was a bloody cliff. I joked that I needed someone to belay.  I crawled on all fours, slipping and falling to the top.  Genuflecting at the CX alter,  and begging for mercy.

Still, I finished — a small victory over paranoid fears.

December 18, 2011: CX State Championships, this was the day that I’d been riding towards since Back to Basics in September. Tall Southern Guy’s compadre — Chaddillac — gave me this sage advice. “Don’t leave anything on the table.” Yessiree, at the very least I wanted the holeshot.

What happened was a comedy of errors.

Missed  holeshot.

A slog through ice and mud.

A reverse grind from the first five minutes to the last five.

And in my efforts to get back in the race, three more crashes and an over cooked turn.

The end came gratefully. I was glad at the finish.

Many, many thanks to the following that got me through and made it a fabulous 2011 season:

  • Mountain Moon Photography — for documenting my efforts and cheering me at the same time.  Not to mention some great photography.
  • Tribella Racing — for a fantastic season that ended with winning the Colorado Cup Team trophy SW 35+.
  • Tall Southern guy and his compadre Chadillac — for wrenching, fetching and cheering not only for me but for my teammates too.
  • The Socks — for doing a stand up job and making me believe that it was possible

Thank you all.

Now, on to 2012.