A Tribute to Gourmet

Just a little over a year ago this October Condé Nast announced that it would no longer publish Gourmet magazine.

From the sad tweets and posts that followed it’s certain Foodies around the world shed more than a few tears. Not to mention those artists and journalists who also lost their jobs.

But beyond the food and the journalism, we lost a beautiful publication that presented the art and culture from around the world. And maybe more than anything Gourmet truly represented a culmination and the intersection of many facets of Art & Design and our everyday lives.

C B kreativ has long admired the covers of this historic publication. And on more than one occasion we’ve also tweeted about their loss. There remain several top food publications like, Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, but the beauty is not quite the same. And of course there is Saveur and Cook’s Illustrated for the Culinary and Art inclined. But still…

So in tribute to Gourmet we offer below a view of Gourmet covers from February 2009 to November 2009. The art on these covers is still compelling, even a year later. September’s issue offers almost a Renaissance licked canvas kind of quality, and how can we forget the Modern monochromatic vision in October. And in this office we certainly literally remember the real taste of the sweet delights in April and August.

For visual comparison we offer the same covers for Bon Appetit February 2009 to November 2009. And although there are many tasty Bon Appetit covers here, we feel just not quite the same as Gourmet.