Sock Series #5

Always in it for the long haul. Even if sometimes uphill. I’m not certain if this is my strongest attribute or my biggest downfall.  Basically it could go either way.  But, I have the tenacity of a terrier. I simply hate to quit. This is probably the best mind-set a person can have with a […]

A Tribute to Gourmet

Just a little over a year ago this October Condé Nast announced that it would no longer publish Gourmet magazine. From the sad tweets and posts that followed it’s certain Foodies around the world shed more than a few tears. Not to mention those artists and journalists who also lost their jobs. But beyond the […]

Sock Series #3

“Their race will be just as hard as mine,” I muttered to myself. The Tall Southern Guy yells up the stairs, “What did you say?” I don’t answer, but keep talking to myself as I gather my stuff: Cycling shorts, jersey, gloves, arm warmers (just in case), plus stuff to change into after the race […]